Sunday, July 5, 2009

French Toast

Breakfast of champions

Yes, I did feel like a treat this morning, and why not? Its sunday, and as an alternative to a big greasy fry, I decided that french toast with bacon was the order of the day. In my defence, I used honey instead of syrup... (like it makes a difference). This is a rare treat that is worth every single calorie.

Serves 2
4 thick slices crusty bread
2 eggs
6 sliced sreaky bacon
Honey, maple, or golden syrup

Beat the eggs in a shallow dish and season with a bit of salt & pepper. Coat the bread slices in the egg and fry in hot butter on both sides until golden brown. Meanwhile, grill the bacon until its crisp. Serve the whole thing drizzled with syrup or honey, and accompanied by milky coffee and the sunday papers. Heaven!


aoife mc said...

Hurray for Sunday morning eggy toast!

We had eggy crumpets this sunday with maple syrup. Dammit, it was good. Such a perfect partner to the papers and a cup of coffee.

*contented sigh*

Lu said...

you can't beat the old maple syrup Aoife it's true - damn why is it Monday and not Sunday again