Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Andouille Catastrophe (Tripe Sausage Bad)


We bought tripe sausage from the most well concealed shop in the Loire Valley.

It's very hard to find anywhere open to buy food on Sundays in France, I'd venture to say nearly impossible, so it was getting late on the Saturday and we were getting very worried that we may starve the following day. When we spotted a shop in a small town, given away only by a small crate of melons outside the door, and alone cat mewing.......
I tried to make a kind of stew I did not work out well The End Enjoy the pictures!

Hopeful Doubtful Yuck-ful


aoife mc said...

Tee hee! Loving the hairy pic and the yuckful pic. Brave of you to try something new - unfortunately bravery isn't always rewarded :( I should know! I love your France series, it looks like a wonderful holiday.

Sue Leen said...

Lovin your blog Lucy! what was that hairy thing that fell into the stew????