Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barbequed Salmon Parcels with Fresh Peas, Tarragon & Cream

Postman Pat would be proud!

Oooooh fresh peas in a pod - I just love these, reminds me of visiting my granny as a kid in the peak district in England. We go to a 'Pick Your Own' where we would pick our own raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries and peas. Mum used to joke that they should weigh us on the way out, and charge us for all we'd eaten while there....

I digress, because I'm in France not England

Here's a recipe

2 pieces of salmon
2 sprigs of tarragon

A good dash of cream

Salt & Pepper

Peas in a pod - 20 pods or so

Make a square of tinfoil, make it pretty large.
Place on your salmon, tarragon - and season. Sprinkle over your peas - fresh from the pod, add a dash of cream. Fold up the tinfoil to allow some air to circulate in and around the top of the fish. Barbeque for 10 mins. Carefully open the parcels.

This would also work wonderfully in a nice hot oven.
Eat with spuds, or bread and preferably sun, and some nice white wine or Brittany speciality - cider, think less Bulmers and more sparkling apple wine

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