Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Breakfast in France

Le Petit Dejeuner Galette

I didn't make this so maybe I shouldn't blog it, but it was a wonderful start to the day, delivered to me on a plate - I love holidays, thanks Delo.We ate a number of crepes and galettes while we were away, crepes are sweet, while galettes are savory and made with buckwheat flour. We bought these pre-made ones from the supermarket to play with back at the van. Often a galette comes with an egg on, the white quickly finds it way through the holes in the pancake and cooks while the yoke stay all gooey. Inside hidden away from sight are some nice little lardons (batons of bacon - see detail photo!) and some melty emmental. A grind of black pepper and a coffee and you're done.Also specialities in Brittany are creme de caramel au beurre salle, which is creme caramel made with salted butter, served on crepes with cooked apples or bananas and chantilly. There's always the classic lemon and sugar.

The best galletes we ate were in Roscoff and were just too delicious to photograph! Bacon with leeks fondue, the other had scallops with gratin vegetables, both were bursting with flavour and showed what a wide range of tastes and ingredients these little galletes can handle.... now I regret not taking a photo ah well, sometimes the moment is just too good to spoil


aoife mc said...

I want to go to there! Mon Dieu, those crepes look fabulous.

Totally understand the 'not taking a photo because this is too good to not put into my mouth STRAIGHT AWAY' feeling!

What a cute breakfast. Looks like a lovely holiday. And I'm totally basing that on the breakfast, but, hey, that's how I roll. :)

aoife mc said...

By the way, I really love your blog. Seconds, thirds and more, please!

Lu said...

Thanks Aoife, we're having lots of fun doing it. You can always judge a good holiday by the breakfast - actually you can prob judge a lot of things by the breakfast. Your Australia trip looked so super super delicious, really enjoy reading your blog, makes me laugh