Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lemon & Ginger Green Tea

A kick for your immune system
If I ever feel a little yucky, I make myself a big pot of this and drink it all, beside the fire/computer/tv. The next day I'm feeling wonderful and dance my way to work! Well maybe not quite, but it's a big shot of vitamins and anti-oxidants and re-hydration that can't be bad for you. Sarah has a bit of a cold - so she added whiskey to hers, and said it was lovely.

makes one big teapot full
1 lemon - juiced
2 teaspoons of green tea
1 thumb sized piece of root ginger - sliced finely

Boil the kettle and heat your pot. Put in the tea leaves and ginger. Pour over the boiling water and leave to steep for 3 minutes. Then before serving add in the fresh lemon juice.

There's lots of variations for this, so if you like mint - add some fresh mint, add some honey if you'd prefer it sweeter - or have a sore throat. I've added cayenne pepper before and also a sprig of fresh rosemary makes for a nice brew also. Replace a lemon with a few oranges, the options are endless.

In other exciting blog related news - I bought a new camera - watch our pictures improve (I hope!) Big thanks to Kate and Brian for helping me out with the purchase - you guys rock!


ktpi said...

i'm a big big fan of ginger and lemon but never put green tea with it! will give it a shot next time i'm snotty. thanks for the shot out too! weeeee!

Lu said...

yup it gives it a nice depth and a bit of colour too

Alan B said...

definitely needs more cheese

Lu said...

indeed thoroughly lacking in brie and stilton