Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roast Leg of Lamb

Sunday Lunch
I was home at my parents over the weekend, when they asked me what if I wanted anything special, I said my Dads roast leg of lamb, I've since learnt, that Dad seasons it and Mum cooks it, so it's a team effort. It was possibly the best lamb I've ever had and I've been to New Zealand! I only took a few pictures, but I thought it would be worth putting up.


1 leg of lamb

8 cloves of garlic

Bunch of fresh rosemary
Salt & Pepper

My Dad made some holes in the skin with a sharp knife and then stuffed them with a big chunk of garlic and bits of rosemary, then left it overnight to let the flavors infuse through the meat.

Here's my mums explanation of how to cook it

Hi Lucy,you cook it for 30 mins at gas 8 or 230 then turn it down to gas 4 or 180 and time it for half an hour to the pound thereafter

Easy as that! Also shown on the plate (top picture) are my mums fantastic roast potatoes - recipe to follow I promise, the are the best roast potatoes in the world - I tell you.

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