Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aperol in the Afternoon

Noon counts as afternoon right?
Lola brought back a bottle of this from her recent trip to Venice. It's a delicious orange liquor, which you water down with sparkling water to make a very refreshing drink. The perfect accompaniment to our preparations for the party we were throwing that night. So as Lola slaved preparing two giant quiche lorraine, I knocked her up one of these babies, they taste as good as they look believe me.

From their own website 'Aperol's unique flavour and colour is achieved through a subtle blend of bitter orange, gentian, rhubarb and an array of herbs and roots - using a secret recipe that has been unchanged since its first creation in 1919.'

After these preparations we took a little wander down the road to watch and have a little march in the pride parade.
Afterwards more refreshments were in order, so we headed to the hop house on Parnell st. for a pint in the sunny beer garden, and our friends sampled some of the lovely sushi. Even our pint got into the pride spirit!!


aoife mc said...

Hi ladies

Ooh what a fabulous looking day! I've yet to taste the sushi in the hop house but have been meaning to for ages...I hear it's some of the best in Dublin?

Just getting around to checking out the blogs that I missed in Oz, shall be perusing yours...that gnocchi looks good too :)

Lu said...

Hey Aoife - welcome back! Your trip looked great. Yeah the sushi in the Hop House is great, I'm off on my holidays on Friday, so expect some French cheese related blogs when I return.

That gnocchi was great last Friday - sage and bacon is a winner

Sue Leen said...

Lucy, substitute that sparklin water for prosseco and then your suckin diesel!!