Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Coconut Question

How do you grate a coconut?

A mystery? I have no idea you’re supposed to get inside these things without either a machete or without causing yourself serious damage. My friend Kate is back from London the weekend , so I’m having her over to stay with another friend Ciara - so curry and wine is on the menu. I went to do a shop in Madina on Parnell Street, apart from Asa Foetida and fenugreek – if not here then where?

So two of the recipes included freshly grated coconut – and I picked one up for 69c – bargain. Got it home and opened it by throwing it as high as I could onto the pavings in the garden. Sad, I lost some of the coconut water from inside but I still got a good drink out of it – reminded me of holidays.

Then I tried breaking it apart further with my hands- too hard. Then with a knife – too scary. I proceeded to scoop it out with various knifes and spoons – so any advice welcome. I’ve seen some recipes that include frozen grated coconut, so maybe this is a better option

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