Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Super Natural Food Market

Leaving my boyfriends house in Ringend I was cycling down Pearse street when I spotted this out of the corner of my eye.

Sadly I was no well equipped for carrying a lot of stuff home, but I did buy few things I needed for lunch. I will be back one Saturday soon with me saddle bags. Look at the pretty stripey aubergine!

There was a wide variety of stalls, a great selection of fresh veg and cheese. Lots of dried produce. Refillable eco-cleaners and re-fillable olive oil! As well as an Indian food stand, some raw food and juices stand, plans and herbs, baked goods, coffee and a really cool selection of vintage clothes - a really great selection of goods. As well it was not in the least crowded, making for a very pleasurable shopping experience.

Supernatural Loveliness

I took some photos but they don't do it justice better to look at these


Anonymous said...

Good find, Lola-Lu. I remember a friend telling me about this place ages ago. I must pop in one of these days soon. I'm finding it increasingly harder to find places that do the eco fairy liquid refill stuff. There's a nourish that does it on Wicklow Street but none of the health shops on the north side seem to be doing it anymore. Bum!

Will be checking out this market asap, thanks for the reminder!

supernatural said...

Hi Lola-Lu. We're glad you found & enjoyed our market. we love your site too! We will put it in our "stuff we like" section of our new website (a work in progress!)

come & visit us again soon