Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1 minute Hummus

1 minute is all it takes (if you have a hand-blender that is) and yes we did time it!


1 can of chickpeas - retain some of the brine
2 cloves of garlic
Good quality olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Juice of one lemon
Dripping tablespoon of Tahini

Put all ingredients into blender - blend - viola - add in a little of the chickpea brine if it's too thick. Sprinkle with paprika and add more olive oil if desired to serve. I used to use a potato masher to do the blending, and produces a coarser hummus which has equal charms.

To serve - pittas, falafel, cous cous, bulgar and roasted veg, sandwiches, add to vinaigrette to make a tasty salad dressing, carrot sticks, celery salad.... any more suggestions welcome.

I made a very tasty variation a few months back - adding in some roasted red peppers and harissa (a North African hot red sauce or paste made from chili peppers & garlic) - possibly the best hummus ever, quite possibly. The variations are numerous and delicious - yum!


Anonymous said...

A letter to Hummus by aoife mc:

Dear Hummus,

Let me count the ways that I love you. Whether your on a bit of toasted bread with roasted red peppers and rocket, or on the end of a sweet cruncy cracker, I feel complete when I have your lovely chickpea/tahini taste in my mouth.

Thank you very much,

Long time fan,

Aoife Mc

Lu said...

ha ha - I was gonna try add some more to that but I don't think what you have said can be topped really....

ah feic I'll try anyway

your lemony tang cannot be beat
you make me want to tap my feet
and when I make my first album
'Hummous is deadly' I'll call hum