Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big up the Mackerel Massive

Big up the Mackerel Massive

Lu and I went for a cycle this morning all the way to Dollymount
strand. We saw people digging for what we thought were clams but
turned out to be lugworms... anyway, somewhat bizarrely this gave us a
terrible craving for some nice fresh seafood. Wrights of Marino
provided us with 4 lovely big Mackerel fillets, and here is what we
did with them:

Fried mackerel in a coriander cream sauce with crushed dill new potatoes
serves 3
3 fresh mackerel fillets
10-15 new potatoes
1 tbsp coriander seeds, crushed in pestle and mortar
100 ml cream
2 oz butter
juice of 1 lemon
a few sprigs of dill
boil the new potatoes until tender. When they are done , crush (not
Mash!) them with a fork, and stir in the roughly chopped dill, a big
nob of butter and a little glug of cream, salt and pepper. Se aside
with the lid on, they will keep warm while you cook the mackerel.

melt a nob of butter and some olive oil in a frying pan. Turn up the
heat so that when you put the mackerel in, skin side down, it really
sizzles. Cook on both sides for about 4 mins each (if the mackerel is
fat- you will need to check if its cooked all the way through)

Put the potatoes in the middle of a plate, balance the cooked mackerel
on top, and set aside while you cook the sauce (don't worry, its very

In the same pan that you cooked the mackerel, melt the rest of the
butter. Get it really hot but be careful not to burn. throw in the
crushed coriander seeds, the lemon juice and cream. swirl the pan
around to mix, then leave on head for 20 seconds or so, until it
bubbles. Quickly pour over the mackerel and serve.

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