Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Exciting news - Masterchef is coming to Ireland!

As Lola can testify, this is my all time favourite programme of all time. I was disproportionately excited when the UKs runner up, Alex Rushmer commented on one of my recipes! The excitement. It was a great recipe for Mexican Chili Soup, though if I do say so myself!

So the call out for contestants in the first ever Irish Masterchef are out. Now I'm currently undecided on whether or not I should enter, watching an episode on TV can have me sick with nerves and send me scurrying behind the couch. Especially in episodes where they work in professional kitchens. Doing the exam for the Cooks Academy certificate course was nerve wracking enough for me I think!

The first judge is the amazingly talented Dylan McGrath - he's a man I'd love to meet - had his first Michelin star at age 30. The second is Nick Munier a Dublin restaurateur and Maitre D’, who has been in the industry for 22 years working for some of the world’s best chefs, including Marco Pierre White and The Roux Brothers.

Entries are open now and close on the 27th of April. The application form is pretty long so you might want to give yourself sometime to complete it. draw the attention to some interesting T&Cs that you might want to have an old read over first too.

All the full details and teaser trailer are over here - and for the prize of 25,000euro you might want to seriously consider it. Now I'm off to cook some dinner!


ktpi said...

in spite of the bullying and defamation, are you gonna apply????

Lu said...

ha ha - not really decided yet. You need to be availabe for two months - one of which I had ear marked for holidays - tough decision! I do like holidays

L said...

Hmmm, yes but €25,000 would buy you a lot of holidays....

Lu said...

Je suis not pas still convinced

Junior MasterChef 2010 - Pierre Khoury said...

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