Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Plate to Page Cookoff

Germany Bound
Thursday night saw four of Ireland's top food bloggers descend onto Cooks Academy on South William Street, Dublin to cook up their very best Irish beef dish. They were hoping to win a trip to the Plate to Page Workshop in Weimer Germany, which is a bootcamp for food bloggers. The weekend offers workshops in all aspects of blogging including, styling, writing, photography, marketing and of course lots of lovely Irish and German produce.

The lovely Maeve Desmond from Bord Bia interview all of the contestants and Vanessa Greenwood from Cooks Academy. You can hear the interviews over here
The four finished dishes were incredibly diverse and did show a great range of what can be achieved with great quality Irish beef. I was very impressed with Kitchen 72's use of a pressure cooker to replicate the slow cooking of his beef cheek in the allowed 90 minutes.

Here are links to all the finalists and their recipes.
SmörgåsblogSurf agus Turf

The Runcible Spoon: Beef, and the beer that loves it

Wise Words: Ribeye to die for
Left to Right - Maeve Desmond Bord Bia, David Kitchen 72,
Mona  Wise Words & Vanessa Greenwood Cooks Academy

Sadly there could only be two winners - two is better than one now! David from Kitchen 72 and Mona from Wise Words - Congrats guys we'll be watching your blogs closely to pick up some tips from your trip


Catherine said...

While I look a tad squiffy in that photograph, I can assure readers that wasn't the case. Honest!

Lovely writeup, lady.

Lu said...

I can testify that none of the beer had gone into you at that very point in time, twas all in your lovely gravy - mmmmmm

Aoife Mc said...

Thanks for putting up the pics of all of the guys and their finished dishes! What an amazing prize. Jealous!

WiseMóna said...

Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing all those nice photos and thanks again for all your help that night.

Hester Casey - Alchemy said...

Congrats to David and Mona - looking forward to picking up some tips when you guys get back. Have fun!