Friday, September 3, 2010


Win the once in a lifetime opportunity to study at Ballymaloe cookery School with Rachel Allen and become a super fantastico Chef extraordinaire!

I was at the launch of Cheffactor this week in the Westbury - sponsored by the lovely Cully & Sully, who were there in person. We watched a cookery demonstration by Ivan Whelan - the chef behind most of the Cully and Sully recipes. He cooked some lamb steaks with saffron and pink pepper cous cous - served with Bernnaise Sauce and rainbow chard and white turnip. Lots of great exotic ingredients - also an amazing chocolate mint - that tasted like an after eight. Ivan informed us that these amazing herbs were all grown in the organic farm that is part of the Ballymaloe School - I was impressed to say the least.

Whilst sampling this great food the competition was explained to us. It's pretty simple, you have to upload a beautiful picture of you and your signature dish - photo to include the Cully and Sully logo. Then write a small paragraph about your dish and another paragraph about your dish. Then there will be a public vote - 2 finalists are chosen this way  -and another finalist is chosen by Cully & Sully.

The final sees the three contestants cook their dish for the panel which included Darina and Rachel Allen - gasp! Then somebody is crowned champion and goes to live at the cookery School for 12 weeks. They also get a set of professional knives to help them on their way.

So what a prize - I'll def be entering -I was thinking of using this photo to enter?

Me & Sully! Now I'm a great fan of the giant ham sandwich, but it may not be enough to impress Darina Allen, so it's back to the drawing board I guess!


aoife mc said...

HAH! Love the ham sandwich you messer.

What a fun night, was great to hang out with yourself and himself and Cully and Sully.

Lu said...

yeah was a fun night - fell off my bike on the way home! I am seriously wracking my brain for what my 'dish' is though - also has to be photogenic ..... hmmmmm