Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Pudding Photoshoot

Lovely Limerick Pudding
Here's a sneak preview of some shots I took for my friends. They are soon to open a shop in Limerick in the old potato market. I took these snaps a few weeks ago. I also visited the Limerick market for the first time in years, it was great, bustling with people, full of delicious smells and heaving with great quality food, fresh veg, tasty pastries and a great fish shop. My friend is the experienced chef, Anne Lloyd.  I wish them all the best when the open the doors next month. Here's a taster of some of their produce. They have a wonderful black pudding - some earthy subtle flavours in there, it's sure to fly out the door
Black Pudding, Scallops and Pea Puree
Black Pudding with Poached Egg Starter
Black Pudding Loaf
Wonderful Baked Limerick Ham - the World's Finest!
Poster Sample - it's def cheaper than 4.50 too
Let me know what you think of the pictures - it was a long weekend working on them - but I got to sample the produce of course as an added bonus!


Imen McDonnell said...

1. Gorgeous!! And I really cannot tolerate black pudding so that is a testament! 2. I know Anne Lloyd! She is opening a new resto in the Potato Market? I am so excited!! When we lived in Adare, we spent plenty of time at Lloyd's and then later BIA (with the illustrious Mary Pat). I have missed her...will you please give her a hello and a hug from me?!! Imen xx

Unknown said...

yum yum yum, the photos turned out great, jod job.

Lu said...

Hi Imen - oh that's so funny - Ireland is so small. I would have been hanging about in Lloyds in Adare a bit - I even waitressed occasionally - such a nice place. I'm god mother of Annes first grandchild. It's more of a deli affair than a restaurant in the market - corner unit beside the fish guys, it should be open next month

Lu said...

Thanks David!

Mint Source Creative said...