Friday, May 7, 2010

Very Full Tart - by Yotam Ottolenghi

Very Full Tart - by Yotam Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi write the 'new vegetarian' in the Observer on Sunday, I love his recipes, they always full of flavor and colour. This recipe was good if a little time consuming - not quite sure why it took me so long! Maybe roasting the veg for differing amounts of time did it. The blind baking the case, the baking the whole thing.

I've just included the link to the recipe as I followed it pretty much to the T - except I used a large yellow squash that came in our Fruitfellas box - in place of the aubergine - either would be great I'm sure.
This tart was bursting with flavor - the thyme is essential to the overall flavor - and the nice mixture of the ricotta and feta is wonderful with a crumbly pastry casing. Perfect  to bring along to an outdoor Sunday spring/summer lunch. This pie once baked - it was carried bicycle style across the city to Delo who had been working hard on a college project all weekend - mobile dinner - could turn that into a business maybe - what do you reckon?


L said...

yeah I was pretty heartbroken to see that tart get strapped to the bike and pedal out of my life... You have been feeding me a lot recently tho so cant get too upset!

Lu said...

ha ha - didn't even think of that - I'm such a bully! We had just eaten that artichoke soup though so you can't complain too much

aoife mc said...

I love his recipes too, was thinking of buying the book that this recipe is in. Making Shakshuka this weekend, which was in the same little free booklet that this recipe was in in The Guardian a few months back! Looking forward to giving it a go.

And yeah, I find tarts to be really time consuming - but mostly worth it!

Lu said...

yeah his recipes are great alright - look forward to seeing your Shakshuka