Friday, May 6, 2011

Rhubarb & Ginger Compote, with Honey Pecan Granola & Strawberry Yogurt Pots

Dashing Dessert Breakfast
Looking for a breakfast that tastes as good as a dessert. That packs a nutritional punch, with some great healthy fats and a good whack of protein and calcium. Then look not further. If all that nutritional waffle has put you off - do not be deterred! These are super yummy, pretty snacks that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Granola is an old favorite of mine - perfect start to the day with fruit and yogurt. I have three recipes here, here and here. To this one I added a good handful of crushed pecan nuts, desiccated coconut, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of honey

Returning shame faced after a run in the park I tucked into one of these. Some lovely army men were doing maneuvers in the park. They promptly all sprinted passed me, they were however in full gear and carrying huge backpacks. Ah well - what can you do. I was carrying a set of keys!

Ingredients - Makes 6 portions
Rhubarb Compote
4 stems of rhubarb - cut into 3cm chunks
3cm of fresh ginger grated finely
1 tablespoon of brown sugar

750 ml of yogurt - I used Glenisk
1 punnet of strawberries
1 jar of granola (links for recipe above)

Pre-heat oven to 150c

To make the compote mix together the rhubarb, ginger and sugar in a small oven proof dish. Cover and pop in the oven for about 20 minutes, until the rhubarb is soft. Allow to cool.

Get glass ramekins, wineglasses or any small containers you have that are made of glass. Cut strawberries length ways in 1/4 cm slices. Push them up against the side of the glass to show the cut side out. Then layer in alternate layers of yogurt, compote and granola. Finish with a layer of granola.

Serve and enjoy. There are lots of alternative fruits you cold use such as blackberries, apple, mango or raspberries. Feel free to use other flavored yogurt, or make your own by stirring the compote through a whole pot of yogurt.


Anonymous said...

I ♥♥♥ this idea for a presentation. How can you not want to eat when you see this? Beautiful.

Cocina Diary

Lu said...

Hi Angie - thanks a million, gotta love those little pots they're so cute. As the wise saying goes you eat with your eyes first!

SJ said...

Loving your work here ... fab styling and I bet it taste deeelish too.

Lu said...

Thanks SJ! I gave the food styling a good concerted effort here. It's delish too, just eating some more for my breakfast no strawberries left though!

Aoife Mc said...

So cute! And delish too. Love this. Gotta get round to doing this with all the little jars I have under my sink waiting to be used!