Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celeriac & Potato Rosti

Another Brunch Recipe
It appears that of late I'm writing a lot of brunch recipes. Maybe that seems more romantic than calling them light dinners for one - which is what they are!

So celeriac is a pretty ugly vegetable, maybe that's why I have never cooked with it much. Generally it's treated in a similar manner to a potato. That's where the idea came for combining the two in a lovely rosti.

I won't lie this fell apart slightly when I flipped it over - still tastes great and works really nicely with the poached egg and baby rocket from my balcony.

Ingredients - Serves 1
1/4 of a head of celeriac - outer skin removed and grated
2 small potatoes - grated
Pinch of thyme finely chopped
1 egg yolk

To Serve
baby spinach or rocket
1 poached egg

Pop the grated potato and celeriac into a clean tea towel. Push it all into the centre and then cover with the teatowel. Give it a really good squeeze to push out the excess moisture. Put into a large bowl add the thyme, egg yolk and seasoning. Mix thoroughly.

Heat a small amount of olive oil over a medium heat in a non stick pan. Spoon the mixture onto the pan into whatever size you want. I think mine were however too large, making it harder to flip over. You want to keep them pretty thin so that they'll cook right through. Press down firmly with a spatula. Give them about 3-4 mins on each side until a rich golden brown.

Serve with a poached egg sitting on top of some fresh baby rocket or spinach. My secret to perfect poached eggs (well I'd say good not perfect) First really fresh eggs. Secondly when your water reaches a good strong boil, twirl the water in the pan to create a mini vortex. Pull the pan off the heat. Then gently slide the egg into the spinning water from a cup. The movement of the water will keep the egg white together in a natural shape and will stop it from spreading out and getting thin. Always drain the egg well on kitchen towel to avoid soggy bread/rosti.



Aoife Mc said...

I like the look of this very much indeed. Brunch is, as you know I think, my favourite meal EVER. And I love rostis. Add in celeriac and I'm all over this recipe! Yum!

Lu said...

I know you and your brunch loving ways!

Lu said...

I thought I replied to this comment already - apparently not. Yeah I am just calling anything smal and without pasta or loads of sugar - brunch pretty much