Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holidays in Devon

Knockin' on Devon's Door....

The holiday plans were, to spend some time in Devon and Cornwall. Some bad weather and some very painful wisdom teeth were to convince us to hop on a boat to France. We spent a nice week in the UK despite my gloomy summary. We camped on a farm and had delicious farm raised sausages for our breakfast. The site ran along the edge of a large stream and made for a tranquil few days in Exmoor National Park. Sadly the wisdom teeth meant little to no real eating. Cream teas, fish 'n chips and Cornish pasties will have to wait till next time.
Camping breakfast in England
River side farm camping in Exmoor
 France was as sunny and hot and oozing with good food. Here are but a few of my snaps - in case you were wondering what happened to June on the blog!
Breakfast in France

What lovely radishes you have

Evening beer in the forest camping

Non edible flowers

Lovely La Rochelle

Boudin Noir 

Cheese mobile - yes all of it!
River side camping in La Marais

Pilgrims walk across the sands to Mont St Michel

Innovative use of brie box
Must eat more brie

ehh final breakfast in France

Next years breakfast in France 
Farm camping in France

That way!


Aoife - Babaduck said...

Oh lovely - I'm missing our annual trip to France this year :( La Rochelle was so pretty last autumn - I think we'll go back next year...

Lu said...

La Rochelle is so nice, great food and nice walks. It was hot also which is always a bonus in Irish eyes. You can't beat a good trip to France it's true and yummy too

Kristin said...

Did you stay in that VW camper van? Too cool! Sounds like your Plan B was wonderful.

Lu said...

Plan B was great - yeah we slept in the back for a whole 3 weeks!

Aoife Mc said...

Lovely! Looks so great. And all that cheese! Bejaysus. Glad you had a good time :)

milecar said...

French food dictionary was then but these days help is on hand with a neat little pocket book called The A-Z of French Food - Dictionaire Gastronomique Francais-Anglais which comes highly recommended by Hub-UK.