Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels

Boilin' the Bagels

A trip to New York is never complete without ordering a bagel from a deli. The bagel emerges toasty hot and stuffed to the gills with your chosen filling. Pastrami to the thickness of a couple of inches, topped with thin ribboned iceberg lettuce and mayo and tomato. It's a feat to try and take in that first bite.

Since I've visited New york twice, I can by no means make any claims to be an expert. The bagels there are different from the ones you get in the local Spar here. A real bagel has to be boiled, and I don't see no large vats of bubbling water beside the ovens churning out the jambons and chicken fillets. After boiling they are indeed baked as well, but the boiling gives them a chewy and slight hint of dumpling that you just can't get here.

Leaning Tower of Bagels on a Sunny Day!
I decided to make some of my own after reading Donal Skehans post on his mammoth eating holiday in Manhattan. I found a recipe for Cinnamon and Raisin Breakfast Bagels on his blog too - so that all came together nicely. Donal is a long time Irish blogger, just celebrating the release of his second cook book 'Kitchen Hero' Congrats to Donal, hope the book does fantastically!

I followed his recipe faithfully here, and now have a freezer half full of bagels, just pop them in the toaster for instant breakfast or afternoon tea. Spread with fresh butter, or cream cheese. I attempted hot cross buns last year - and failed miserably, these are much better alternative.



Sarah said...

They look great. I never seem to get around to making things like that and think it might be high time I gave it a go.Thanks for the inspiration

Lu said...

Hey Sarah - make them over a lazy sunday - then you'll have breakfast for the next two weeks sorted! They're totally worth it, let me know how you get on?

Sasa said...

You made bagels! They were the first thing I ever blogged - I felt so proud of myself! Isn't it a wonderful feeling, like making bread x 10 ^_^ I must make some more, I'm sure I'd be very popular with my boyfriend if I did too.

Lu said...

Must check out that post Sasa. You do feel pretty proud of yourself alright. Best thing is being able to freeze them in portions. they're a nice thing to cook on a weekend I feel