Friday, February 4, 2011

Raspberry Creme Brullee

Irish Foodies Cookalong
Love, love, love
So long I have tried and failed to participate in an Irish Foodies cookalong. Today I have succeeded in participating, though it may be conceived as cheating, I'll submit it anyway. Our best previous attempt was me and Lola trying to enter us the Christmas cookalaong. Some mince pies were made - then stew went in the oven whilst we got pretty drunk, then turned the oven off and went to the pub - total cookalong fail.

So today I made these creme brullees - in Cooks Academy I'll admit so that's possibly where the cheating element comes in. I did however match them with nice romantic napkins and seasonally inappropriate raspberries. At least I'm not down the pub already!!


Anonymous said...

Its so perfect looking, such a sin having to break it with a spoon! hope the course is going well. lucky you x

Lu said...

Hi Vickcakes - a sin indeed but you're well rewarded for it! Course is going fantastic - on my last week now and have some exams - eek!