Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The foods of New York

Never fear, we are still here!

We have been quiet recently, that's because we are on our holidays in New York City, which means no new recipes as no way are we cooking with so many great and cheap places to eat in this town. We know all our millions of readers need their Lola-lu's kitchen fix, so here is a list of everything we have eaten so far.

Chicken and beef (on the plane)
Ice coffee with half and half
Bagel with turkey and American cheese
reuben bagel
Slice of pizza bianco
Slice of pizza with chicken and broccoli
Fish tacos
fettuccine with spinach and cream
croque madame
moules mariners
Teriaki chicken burger with caper and wasabi ailoi
corn beef hash with fried eggs
Pancakes with syrup
French toast with bacon and maple syrup
More bagels
More coffee
Lots of alcohol
ice cream

And we have only been here 5 days.... no vegetables! This is like a list from 'you are what you eat' or 'this is why you are fat'.... oh dear...

Off for dinner in Korea town/hen party madness. Will update with photos soon!

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aoife mc said...

YAY! We're heading to NY next week ourselves, I'm so excited.

Thanks for your list of everything you've eaten, jealous!